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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Instead of talking turkey, I'm talking tulips! (Tuesday's Truth for WK 69)

Welcome to week sixty-nine of my Tuesday's Truths series. It's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, so I should probably talk turkey, but since I don't eat it and know very little about it, I will talk tulips for this "episode" of Tuesday's Truths.

This past Friday, Juan V came by to help me plant tulip bulbs. One of the varieties that we planted is known as the Elegant Lady; and her bulbs can be seen in the pictures atop this entry.

The series of photographs which are posted below show how they look covered in spoil and mulch.

Supposedly once the Elegant Lady's bulbs bloom they will look like the tulips seen in the photo of the bulb's packaging which was given to me by Juan V.

There are many places on the Internet which describe the features of this tulip variety. One of them, Gardenia, has some great content re The Elegant Lady, and you can access their web-pages on the subject by clicking here.

Another variety of bulbs which were planted in my garden this past Friday are for the tulip type known as the Pinocchio Tulip. The image directly below is of the Pinocchio bulb's packaging which was also given to me by Juan V.

The next two sets of images feature this variety's bulbs as they appeared in the containers we placed them in as well how they appeared once covered in soil and mulch.

As with the Elegant Lady tulip variety, there are many knowledgeable resources for the Pinocchio Tulip, Gardenia is one of them, you can access their web-pages on the subject by clicking here.

Yet another variety that we planted is one known as the Hot Springs Water Lily Tulip.

For info on the this particular tulip type, please click here. Meanwhile let me tell you that we also we planted Je t'aime Tulips, Monte de Orange Tulips, and a Blumex tulip variety.

The only tulip type of all the ones which I've referenced in this post that I'm familiar with is the Blumex variety, therefore, it'll be interesting to see everything coming up tulips.

As you may know, dear reader, Cam my visiting cardinal who authored the book, Words In Our Beak Volume One (with a little help from me), loves tulips. This is evident in the picture of her directly below, where she can be seen admiring the Firethorn Tulip variety growing in my rooftop garden.

There are quite a number of photographs of tulips (taken by yours truly) featured in all the versions of    Words In Our Beak Volume One.


These books are wonderful for any time of year, but they make an especially nice holiday gift! Be that as it may, the flowers that will hopefully bloom from the bulbs planted this past Friday will have to to wait for one of Cam's sequels if they want to be in a book. Volume two has been written as well as edited, so any new blooms are looking at volume three for their chance to appear in print.

ADENMENDUM: As of March 2, 2018, Words In Our Beak Volume One, is no longer available in the digital options listed here. A new digital option should be available sometime in the near future. Updates will be made when this happens, please stay tuned.

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