Friday, August 5, 2016

Follow-Up Friday: Musings on Mutts AND an Update re "Words In Our Beak Volume One"

As anyone who follows my cyber venues knows, I am a big fan of the comic strip Muttscreated by Patrick McDonnell. McDonnell  has influenced my work as an artist/writer and raised my awareness re the plight of animals. Over my years in cyber-space, I've written about my appreciation for the strip's cast of characters. My musings re this strip include a number of entries here on Blogger. The strips posted atop this entry are two of McDonnell's most recent ones. As you can see, they have a seaside setting. Another strip with a seaside setting can be seen below.

Cam and I know how much a five-star review is always appreciated! As you probably know, dear reader, Cam is the female cardinal that visited my urban rooftop garden in NYC for a number of years before convincing me to help her write the book (pictured below), Words In Our Beak Volume One.

Our book is in Apple's iBooks Store and is also on Amazon. Words In Our Beak Volume One has received five star reviews in both places. Our book also has been given five star reviews on Goodreads. At this juncture, Cam and I are in the process of putting together a soft and hardcover versions of our book, which we plan to publish through Small Editions. Details to be announced.

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