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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fun Flag Day Facts

Yesterday, June 13th, some friends let me accompany them on their trip to a monastery in Ossining New York. This is where I took the picture of this American flag that I'm posting in honor of today's holiday: #FlagDay 2016. 

And in the very early morning of this Flag Day, I was honored by a visit from a creature who came to my urban (NYC) rooftop garden. This was somewhat appropriate for the holiday, for the visitor I'm referring to is an American Robin (pictured below).

But he doesn't wait for Flag Day to be patriotic!
He can often be seen in my garden flaunting his RED breast as he eats BLUEberries that are on a saucer atop a WHITE table, as evidenced in the pictures below.

Btw, dear reader, did you know there is another American Robin associated with Flag Day? He is the late Robin Williams, and his connection with the American Flag is that he did a stand-up routine based on Old Glory!

In any event, there are many who like to wave the flag, and these include a few characters that visit my indoor succulent garden (seen below).

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