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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's me "the lone white tulip" : Did Sylvia Plath really say "mouth of an African Lion"?

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Hello, it's me, the white tulip, writing to you on Wednesday, April the 27th, (sneaking in a posting, since The Last Leaf Gardener "normally" only posts on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays). I have opened up a bit since yesterday as you can see in my photograph posted above, and now, what I want to know is in that poem, Tulips  did Ms. Plath really say, that when open we have a "mouth of an African Lion"It's no wonder we are slow to open at times . . .  even the buds next to me seem to be apprehensive, they are not opening very much at all, and I'd love some company.

And, BTW, if you do tip-toe through tulips that are like me and my friends, (I mean my friends, and me) as Tiny Tim and those Gold-Diggers seem to advocate, puh-lee-za be careful. We aren't as tough as we look. However,  I do encourage you to tip-toe through the store-front of this blogger's web-site;  there are some wonderful selections of greeting cards that are about more than communication.

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