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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blog Comment Options now Available: Influence of Dagwood Bumstead

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Dagwood Bumstead, the "protagonist" of this comic strip, Blondie (which has appeared in newspapers since 1930) is continually evolving with the changing times and trends. Dagwood has always been open-minded. After all, Dagwood married Blondie when she was a "flapper-girl" which caused him to be disinherited from his upper-crust family, and as a result, he continues to work for a salary he finds to be insufficient at J.C. Dithers Construction Company. While Dagwood still has his long-established routine of long baths and midnight snacks, he is not set in his ways. Dagwood's personal telephone has been upgraded from "a candlestick style to a modern dial phone, to a touch-tone variety, and he currently uses a cell phone." Dagwood is now reacting to blogs, as seen in the dialogue of a selected strip posted above.

Seeing that even Dagwood Bumstead feels an urge to respond to blogs has caused me to enable the "Comments" feature on my blog, which people have been requesting me to do.

My followers can now easily post their own observations on any of the particular topics I introduce in this blog as well "back-post" on entries that I've written in the past (before I enabled comments, and you may want to read my first post since it introduces what to anticipate in my blog as well as my posting schedule). I have also added little icons for other posting options including email, Facebook, and Twitter. These will help you share any post with your social network.

Please be sure to come back and share what your friends have to say, or ask them to visit my blog and share first hand. Please note that, for the time being, I have chosen to moderate the comments. What this means is that each response will be reviewed for publication, so you need not be alarmed when your comment does not appear immediately below one of my given posts. (FYI, I anticipate this delay will at most be no longer than 24 hours following submission.)

I invite you, Dear Reader, to be a frequent commentator, and I look forward both to reading your thoughts and to sharing your experiences in a lively and meaningful dialog.

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