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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Continus Coggygria

I have many visual challenges and need to work with a display or big monitor. Also I need to work w/someone who knows Aperture. Mary Katherine and Teresa are familiar w/my project, if possible may I work with either of them? THNX

The above image is of a shrub that has been with me, in my urban terrace garden, since 2006. It is known as Continus Coggygria 'Royal Purple' and is also known as Smokey-Bush or Grace. If you like garden texture, you will love this shrub's branches. The leaves are oval and measure 1.5" by 3.5" long. The standard is waxy green, but the variety that I have has purple leaves. In the fall, leaves turn shades of red, purple, and orange. Stay tuned to this blog, and in the fall, I'll show you photographs of the changed leaf color. Meanwhile, for the deep purple leaf, I have created a beautiful, single-sided note-card (posted below).

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