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Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday's Fact: An Update re Words In Our Beak

You may have already heard the news (posted by Chris Deatherage) on TLLG's Facebook Page: It seems Cam (seen in the picture above which features the image that's on her new book jacket) is about ready to publish the third and final volume of her Words In Our Beak book series.

If you haven't had the chance to read volumes one and/or volume two of her series (pictured below)...

... this might be the perfect time to do so in order to up to speed when she references them in what she plans to be her last volume. Stay tuned for details re its release! Meanwhile, here's the purchase info for volumes one and two:

Volume One: ISBN: 9780996378529
Book Seller Info:
Barnes & Noble On-Line:
book culture On Columbus (a bookstore on the UWS in NYC):

Volume Two: ISBN: 9780996378536
Book Seller Info:
Barnes & Noble On-Line:

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Remembering Mary Shelley ETC

Today is August 30th, 2018, which means the official end of summer will not occur in my hemisphere for a few weeks (on Saturday, September 22, 2018 EST); and yet, many stores in NYC are already filled with Halloween merchandise. 

While I make it a habit to decorate my home for the holiday by using figurines clad in Halloween costumes, such as the ones seen in the image atop this entry. The photograph was taken in bygone years and included in prior entries within this blog, such as one which you may reference by clicking here.

As you can see in the picture above, and perhaps even more so in the photos directly below (because two of them have squares and circles affixed to them...

... some of the figurines (and seen even more clearly in the close-ups below) ....

are dressed in costumes related to Frankenstein, the character created  by author, Mary Shelley, who was born on this day of August 30th (in 1797). The anniversary of her birth is probably why I find myself thinking of Frankenstein on this hot August day.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Insects wanted to BEE a part of it, NY, NY (Wednesday's Wisdom)

I guess these insects may share something with many humans... when it comes to NYC, they want to BEE a part of it! In any event, as it happens, I was only a couple of blocks away from this incident when it occurred; although I didn't learn about the event until I returned home.

When it comes to bees, as readers of volume one of my Words In Our Beak book series (pictured below) most likely know, I have had the pleasure of observing their antics in my rooftop garden and have included my findings in my first book and in entries here on Blogger. I must confess that if this many bees came to my place, as they did to the hotdog stand in Time Square, I might be a bit unnerved.

Here's the purchase info for volumes one and two of Words In Our Beak:
Volume One: ISBN: 9780996378529
Book Seller Info:
Barnes & Noble On-Line:
book culture On Columbus (a bookstore on the UWS in NYC):

Volume Two: ISBN: 9780996378536
Book Seller Info:
Barnes & Noble On-Line:

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Another View From The Bridge (Oak Bridge): Tuesday's Truths Wk 91

Welcome to the ninety-first segment of my Tuesday's Truths series! As you can see, I'm featuring a picture of a raccoon atop this entry. I came across this creature when I was crossing Oak Bridge (a bridge that I've featured in a prior post here on Blogger), which is located in NYC's magnificent Central Park.  A web-page has this to say re Oak Bridge:

"Back in 1860 when Calvert Vaux and Frederic Law Olmstead gave the world Central Park, one key element at the northern end of the Lake was Oak Bridge, a span constructed of white oak and cast iron leading into the Ramble. That bridge has since been replaced twice, first with another fancy one in the 1870s (when it was renamed the Bank Rock Bridge), and then again in the lean years of the Great Depression by a utilitarian model in tubular steel with a wood plank floor. Now the original Vaux design, re-imagined by Jan Herd Pokorny Associates, is being reconstructed. Again we get carved white oak and cast iron, but now it all sits atop a very substantial base that should last for generations..."

I've also read (in a variety of of newspapers and on the web) that "if you're lucky you might catch a glimpse of the baby raccoons or the giant snapping turtle."

So, I guess you could say I was lucky in encountering this raccoon, who was one among many swimming amongst turtles (one can be seen in the image directly below where he/she is taking a swim near the lower right of a raccoon) in this body of water.

And although some might consider me lucky to come upon these raccoons, these creatures have not been so lucky in this summer of 2018.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Eve of August 24th

This evening marks my New Year's Eve, dear reader!
Will you still be sending me a valentine, Birthday greetings, bottle of wine? (I like dry white and rosé...)

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Book reviews really are necessary! (Wednesday's Wisdom)

Amazon has opened up brick and mortar stores in Manhattan. One of them is in the Time Warner Building where Borders used to be (seen in this picture  — which is from the web — atop my entry).

I spoke to a manager at that location re carrying my book series (Words In Our Beak) pictured below;

and was informed that they will consider carrying books whose authors offer them on Amazon (which I do) provided they see the book/books have a number of reviews (I have some).

If you happened to buy either volume one or volume two of my book series on Amazon and have not had a chance to review it; I'd truly appreciate it if you could do that, so my chances of having the books included in their brick and mortar bookstores are more promising.

For your convenience, here are the Amazon links.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tuesday's Truth's: The Ninetieth Segment: Another Day in the Life of Having NF-1

This is my ninetieth post within my Tuesday's Truths series here on Blogger and I'm using it as an opportunity to share a recent experience that I had when I was at a Starbucks on the the UWS of NYC, but first let me ask you a quick question:

Have you ever found yourself nonchalantly walking down the street, going about your every day business of living, when suddenly — from out of nowhere — a stranger calls out to you, points to a perceived “flaw” in your overall physical appearance and asks you, “What is that?”

Monday, August 20, 2018

#NationalRadioDay 2018

Today is #NationalRadioDay, certainly worthy of the nod, at least for yours truly, for I am an avid radio listener; and I've also been a guest on two radio programs that are based in NYC.

My first time being interviewed on the radio took place at the studios for 1010 WINS, where I was interviewed by John Montone about how conditions with my eyesight influenced my kaleidoscopic art work (that can now be purchased through Fine Art America). I wrote about my experience with John Monotone in one my first entries here on Blogger.

The second time I was interviewed by a radio host was when Karen Lewis had me on her WBAI radio program The Al Lewis Show) to discuss how my visual challenges shaped my rendering images re Black and White photography.

Both of these interviews can be listened to via my website,

Meanwhile in honor of National Radio Day, I'm posting a clip (seen above this entry) of a scene from Woody Allen's, Radio Days, a film he made in the late 1980's. I worked (as an actress in a "silent bit" role) on that film in the scene filmed at Radio City Music Hall that is featured in this clip.

Be that as it may, on this radio-related holiday, I'm also hoping for another opportunity to be heard on another radio program! I've heard back from a certain national radio station requesting copies of my book series, Words In Our Beak

so they can consider having me as a guest to discuss my books and related issues.

Fingers crossed that this will take place. Stay tuned to know if and when you can tune in to your radio should they decide to interview me.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Sad Story Re NY's Beaches

I have been to a number of NY beaches affected by this heartbreaking news of the discovery regarding medical waste washing up on the shore causing them to be closed in order to protect people and I must say maybe beaches need to be closed to the public to protect the ocean from people.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

8-18-18's Trivia is from Nancy Nelson Mancini!

The image posted directly above is a reminder about August 2018 trivia (specifically today's date) and it came from Nancy Nelson Mancini, my prolific writing comrade and avid reader of various versions my Words In Our Beak book series (pictured below).

Before volume one became available in hardcover format seen at the left in the photo directly above, it was published in soft cover format (2016) via MagCloud (seen in the next image).

Nancy purchased the book in this format and posted a comment on my MagCloud page saying:

Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday Follow-up: A reminder re accessories to lighten back-to-school anxiety...

Yikes! Sally's having another moment of anxiety re the onset of a new school year! Perhaps you know someone who feels the same way — be a student OR an educator?

This can be a stressful time, but hopefully made more bearable with my cool spiral notebooks OR book bags (featuring designs which are based on my kaleidoscopic photographs as seen in the pictures below).

More Information re my back-to-school accessories (for all ages) can be found on my Fine Art America Pages @ AND

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Thursday's Testimony: Plastics are NOT for the birds (or for any other living creature)...

The comic strip atop this entry was in my inbox today and upon seeing it, I was instantly reminded of a couple of seagulls whom I've seen "collecting plastics" on Long Beach. A couple of my images featuring this disturbing scenario are posted directly below.

It never ceases to amaze me how people litter (for surely no other creature is leaving plastics behind).

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Some Facts Regarding Laughing Gulls (Wednesday's Wisdom)

In a recent entry here on Blogger, I mentioned that I had been to Long Beach and learned something new about the Ring-billed seagull: "they pant, like dogs which releases heat through evaporation of moisture along the bird's mouth, throat and lungs" and "because birds lack sweat glands, they do not sweat to cool off like we do. A bird will open its mouth and breath faster, which increases the airflow."

On that same day I noticed a Laughing Gull doing the same thing as evidenced in the photo atop this entry. This avian creature is new to me and marks the twelfth new bird whom I've seen in this Year of the Bird.

My last time seeing a bird who was new to me (who happened to be a gray/grey catbird) occurred on 5/29/2018, an encounter which I wrote here on Blogger at that time.

Be that as it may, since today is Wednesday, the day I set aside for my Wednesday's Wisdom series, I'll be using this opportunity to share some information about the Laughing Gull. After all, part of the definition of wisdom, "or sapience is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight."

And the gull seen here is certainly using his/her wisdom to cool down on a hot summer day, however there are a number of other interesting facts re this bird type.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Wildlife and trees provide inspiration for my kaleidoscopic images. Tuesday's Truths WK 89

Welcome to the eighty-ninth segment of my Tuesday's Truths series where I will be reminding you how certain wildlife (such as the turtles featured in the mini video atop this entry and in the photos directly below),

provided the inspiration for my kaleidoscopic imageTurtle Pond.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Monday's Musings (8/13/2018)

My sister snd her son were in NYC for a few days last week and he wanted to see The Plaza Hotel, so at my suggestion, we walked through a portion of Central Park and headed towards the Gapstow Bridge to give him a scenic route of getting there.

An image of this famous bridge (which was taken from a web-page) can be seen atop this entry. The text accompanying states the following:

"Curving gracefully over the neck of the Pond at 59th Street, Gapstow is one of the iconic bridges of Central Park. It is the second bridge on the site. The first, a much more elaborate wood and iron bridge, designed by Jacob Wrey Mould, deteriorated and was replaced in 1896. The bridge offers postcard views of the surrounding cityscape. Facing south, you can see the famed Plaza Hotel and distinctive New York skyscrapers rising from above the Park's trees. Look southward in the winter and you'll see Wollman Rink's twirling skaters; in the warmer months you'll see the colorful amusements of Victorian Gardens."

Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Seagull's Work Around to a Cooling Center

When the heat index is predicted to be dangerously high, New York City opens cooling centers in air-conditioned facilities to offer people relief from the heat, but since seagulls don't have access to such places, they have their own methods of getting relief from the heat, which is something I learned on a recent trip (this past Thursday) to Long Beach.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

It's Book Lovers Day!

August 9 is Book Lovers Day, an unofficial holiday that encourages people to pick up a book (or two) and spend the day reading. ... If you are a book lover yourself, then treat yourself to some quality reading time.

Book Lovers Day is also known as National Book Lovers Day in the United States. Re this date, one web-page states this is a time to "honor all the bookworms and book lovers in your life."

And they go on to say, "If you are a book lover yourself, then treat yourself to some quality reading time."

On this day Cam, a prolific female cardinal (whose stories can be found in our current book series, Words In Our Beak) and I hope you will take this opportunity to spend time with her (and her friends) through volumes one and two her stories (volume three is being formatted) which mostly take place in my rooftop garden.
Here's the purchase info for volumes one and two.
Volume One: ISBN: 9780996378529
Book Seller Info:
Barnes & Noble On-Line:
book culture On Columbus (a bookstore on the UWS in NYC):

Volume Two: ISBN: 9780996378536
Book Seller Info:
Barnes & Noble On-Line:

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wednesday's Wisdom: "Summer-izing" Books!

Love this cartoon by Mark Parisi! And for Wednesday's Wisdom, I'd like to offer you a way to "summer-ize" (not summarize) your books, dear reader: Take them with you to the ocean to read during these hot summer days, but do so by putting them in my kaleidoscopic-themed beach bags (seen in the image below) that are available from Fine America (FAA).

Please click here to view them in hi-res images, and to see the details re fabric used in their construction, as well as the pricing info. And while you are visiting FAA, check out my line of beach towels (seen below), also kaleidoscopic-themed which truly compliment these beach bags/totes!

Since, I'm on the subject of reading at the beach, please let me remind you that while both volumes of Cam's book series, Words In Our Beak ...

... are great for reading there (or anywhere), part of volume two refers to Cam's (the female cardinal who narrates these stories) trip to Long Beach (on Long Island) where she and her children came upon the bird type known as American Oystercatchers.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tuesday's Truths WK 88: My Update

It has been a little over two months (June 3 2018) since I announced (in an entry) some posting schedule changes related to this blog. At that time I informed readers "... this is just a heads up to let you know that in the coming week and until further notice (due to some medical issues and deadlines related to my Words In Our Beak book series), I will not be publishing so frequently."

As regular readers of this blog probably know, I have had a long running series within this blog called Tuesday's Truths, where I discussed interesting facts concerning fauna, flora and related topics.

I may return to this series after my work related to my books, as well as to my endeavors re my photographic pieces on Fine Art America, become less demanding.

But at the moment, my time needs to be devoted to these projects, so please allow me to use this "segment" (week eighty-eight) of my Tuesday's Truths series as a shout out to one of NYC's UWS bookstores, book culture On Columbus.

This shop is the first brick-'n-mortar store to carry volume one of my now two part series (with volume three in the process of being formatted) and I'm honored to say that one of their store managers asked me to autograph it. I did this yesterday and the store's seal can be seen in the images atop this entry.

I'm very hopeful that this will draw attention to Words In Our Beak, and so I ask you, dear reader to please stay tuned.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

A Remedy for Back to School Panic

Maybe if Sally had a back-to-school notebook with one of my kaleidoscopic designs (seen in the "group" image below), she wouldn't be as inclined to panic in the streets re the upcoming start of a new school year!

For details re these notebooks, please visit my page on Fine Art America.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Remembering Ellen's birthdate...

Normally on this day of August 3rd, I would be calling Ellen Rachel McConnell Blakeman to wish her a happy birthday. However, she died earlier this year and is missed very much by Cam and yours truly.

As some of you may know, volume two of the Words In Our Beak book series is dedicated to her.

I think of Ellen often, but especially today and my thoughts are also with her family (including her mother, her sister Martha, Douglas McConnell, Susan McConnell and Bennett Paul) as well as her friends, especially Loris Damerow, whom Ellen often spoke about whenever we discussed various topics.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Turtle Pond

In my blog post this past Friday (July 27), I stated that I had made an announcement in an entry here on Blogger that "Chris Deatherage, the man who edited and formatted my Words In Our Beak* book series uploaded some of my photographs, including a few of my kaleidoscopic images (that are also within one of The Color Gallery pages on my web-site, which he also designed) to the web-site for Fine Art America (FAA). He has now recently uploaded more of my kaleidoscopic works to FAA..."

In today's entry I'd like to talk about one of the prints, Turtle Pond, which is one of my kaleidoscopic images that he recently uploaded to FAA. It can be seen in the photographs atop this entry, which should give you a sense of how my photo looks when it is rendered on metal, canvas and wood (respectively).