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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Tuesday's Truths WK 73: I'm about to be a part of Fine Art America! (Thank you, Amy Regenbogen!)

Hello, and welcome to week seventy-three of my Tuesday's Truths series. As I compose this blog entry, I am waiting for a phone call from Fine Art America's tech support. They are an organization who encourages their consumers/clients/customers to decorate their home/office and accessorize their life "with incredible works of art, and help support living artists all over the world."

I learned about them through Amy Regenbogen, the woman who restored the bouncer-chair (which I've had since 2012) seen in the image atop this blog entry. It has been featured within a number of my blog posts since that time, and normally the comfy chair has a very prominent spot within my urban garden. However, since I recently winterized my garden for the 2017-2018 season, Amy's bouncer is now standing between my wrapped containers of flora; flora that has settled down for a long winter's nap. And as you can see, a couple of mourning doves still find it to be one of the best places to sit (and even use as a bunk bed) when spending time in my rooftop garden.

Photographs of mourning doves (caught in an array of circumstances) accompanied by cool facts are featured in all of the versions of Words In Our Beak Volume One(WIOB V1).

In any event, Ms. Regenbogen, reached out to me re a major concern that I'm having, and suggested that I join Fine Art America, in order to have my images (from WIOB V1, as well as from my other venues) printed on an array of surfaces which is what this organization considers as to how they "help support living artists all over the world." 

I have set up my profile page for them and an now awaiting answers regarding image resolution for the photographs I list, as well as answers on how to remove unwanted product options and learn what is involved if payments are received as well as how those will be taxed.

Please stay tuned, dear reader, for updates on how my photographs and related merchandize can be purchased. With Chanukah ending tomorrow and Christmas being only six days away as of this entry, and the onset of Kwanzaa occurring in seven days, I may have missed the opportunity to offer my items as gifts for these occasions. However, there is no shortage of opportunities to give a gift to those near and dear to you, or to get one for yourself.

Moreover, at this time, you can give the gift of Cam's book, Words In Our Beak Volume One.

Here are the links re purchase info for hardcover version (the book's cover can be seen directly above): Amazon (, Barnes & Noble On-Line ( and book seller info can be found in my press release:

As for the softcover version, it's currently only available via MagCloud, which you may access by clicking here. The book's cover in softcover format is featured in the photo directly below.

Moreover, two digital versions (ePub and iBooks) of Words In Our Beak Volume One are also available. Their book covers are featured below (respectively).

That's it for today, but before I close I want to once again thank Amy Regenbogen for her concern, ideas and support. Moreover, all of my visiting mourning doves thank her daily for the restoration of their bouncer!

ADENMENDUM: As of March 2, 2018, Words In Our Beak Volume One, is no longer available in the digital options listed here. A new digital option should be available sometime in the near future. Updates will be made when this happens, please stay tuned.

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