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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday's Wisdom: Dandelion Ousting (Time's limited re crayon drawing Savannah!)

The Savannah sparrow pictured above in an image I took of the creature when I saw the bird in Central Park, tells me that he still on the fence as to where to stand re Crayola's recent ousting of the color known as Dandelion, which is a topic I discussed in a recent entry here on Blogger.

Although this Savannah sparrow knows Crayola still has other shades of yellow, this creature's concern is that those who make a crayon drawing of this bird type, will not be able to capture the bird's unique trait  which is a "telltale yellow spot before the eye."

As I said, this Savannah sparrow is on the fence re Crayola's decision. A reason for the ambiguity is while the bird is aware that Crayola will continue to offer other hues of yellow, the question is for how long. For according to one of the Savannah sparrow's sources, "previous colors that were discontinued were maize, raw umber, and orange yellow. In other words, less job security when you’re in the yellow family."

I can understand the Savannah sparrow point, for this bird is proud of "telltale yellow spot before the eye," and with good reason!

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