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Thursday, March 2, 2017

BREAKING NEWS in my ROOFTOP GARDEN (Peregrine Falcon Captures a Mouse!)

About an hour and a half hour ago, I spotted a first time visitor (to my knowedge it's the first time) from the fauna community in my urban garden (which many of you know is on a rooftop in NYC). He/she was alighting on the branches of my Actinida kolomikta and Actimida (Kiwi Vines) as seen in the image atop this entry.

And, as you may recall, these kiwi vines were featured in my garden-themed movie, The Kiwi Speaks! Fifteen Minutes of Fame... almost; which is a film narrated by the male kiwi vine. It can be viewed within my Vimeo Library by clicking here. Additionally, a clickable link for viewing this mini movie is included in the iBook version of Words In Our Beak Volume One.

In any event, the newbie bird I just referred to is biggest, I've seen in my garden. At first because of the bird's markings I thought he/she might be a Northern Flicker, but the long lens on my camera confirmed that this bird was much larger than a Northern Flicker.

I studied the newcomer through the camera's long lens and  made the determination he/she was a Peregrine Falcon. I've only seen this bird type at The Raptor Trust, a bird facility in New Jersey that I became familiar with when I helped rescue a Northern Flicker.

And now, they are currently selling my postcards (the ones which are fauna-themed; and thumbnails of them can be seen in the image directly below) in their gift shop.

Btw, my bird-themed postcards can be viewed in a fuller size within the storefront pages of my website, as well as within a prior entry here on Blogger. My collection of postcards also include ones that are flora as well as insect-themed. Thumbnails of the cards can be seen in the following picture.

These can also be seen in a larger size by going to  the storefront pages in my web-site or to my prior post here on Blogger (by clicking on the appropriate links in the paragraph proceeding this.)

And all of these types of cards (fauna, flora, and insects) are available as singles via the gift shop within The Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum.

At this time, I'd like to announce that Steve Mohr, the sole proprietor of More & More Antiques, has decided to sell them in his exquisite place on the UWS of Manhattan. You may recall, dear reader, that Mohr sold my cards as singles during the Christmas season.

But I digress! Getting back to the falcon who visited me: unfortunately, in terms of him/her, I witnessed he/she having an early dinner, dining on an innocent mouse. They can be seen together in the images below.

I must admit that, while seeing the Peregrine Falcon seeing this mouse's fate was unnerving. I know these events are part of nature's food chain, nonetheless it's unnerving to see an innocent mouse being eaten alive! Then again, perhaps, I now have my own exterminator?

ADENMENDUM AFTER POSTING THIS, the helpful and very knowledgeable bird rehabber, Amanda Remsberg, as well as the artist Leslie Monday, were kind enough to weigh in on this! My newcomer seems to be an American or Common kestrel; not a Peregrine Falcon! Very grateful for this info! FAKE NEWS, on my part, might've struck again if not for Amanda and Leslie!

ALSO THIS JUST IN, the naturalist, Joan Morris has just offered sme more info in a comment on my FB posting re this matter. Morris states: "Yes, you have a lovely American kestrel (great photos) in the act of eating an unfortunate rodent. I believe it's a female. The male has slate blue on his wings and this one obviously does not. The kestrel hunts by hovering in the air until it spots something tasty, then it swoops in for the kill. Kestrels and other raptors and owls will help cut down on your rodent problems. Hope your neighbors aren't using any rodenticides!"

ADENMENDUM TWO: The versions (digital and softcover) of volume one within the Words In Our Beak book series that are mentioned in this entry may only remain available for a limited time, but a hardcover version of volume one can be found wherever books are sold.

Moreover, Volume Two of the book series is now available! Both volumes one and two are in hardcover format (as seen below) and can be purchased any place where books are sold.

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