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Friday, May 6, 2016

T.G.I.F! (As In Thank God It's Flowers!)

Cam, the cardinal in the photograph directly above, can be seen gazing upon a tulip known as Firesprays, which grow in my urban (NYCgarden. In her book, "Words In Our Beak Volume One" Cam discusses this tulip type. She also includes information regarding the other tulip varieties that I've grown here.
These include the following:


Parrot Blumex

Monsella Type A

Monsella Type B

Snow Parrot

Curly Sue

Honey Rag


Estella Rijnveld



Couleur Cordial

This season I have a few new tulip types growing here. These include a variety that is called Stunning Apricot. I get the "stunning" aspect of the name, but I must confess its color looks more pink than apricot to me.

One of the other newcomers is known by the name Flaming Parrot and images of it can be seen below.

I am saddened that Cam is not here to enjoy this tulip type, but I know she would appreciate that a member of the avian community is included in the newbie's name! If you enjoy the tulips featured here, I encourage you to buy Cam's book. "Words In Our Beak Volume One," offers its readers useful information on all the tulip types (except for the last two as they only bloomed this season), that are included in this entry; as well as facts about a number of other flowers, trees, vines, shrubs.; and of course birds. Btw, I now have rendered a number of my images of flora and fauna into postcards.  Check them out on my web-site.

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