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Monday, March 14, 2016

Rainy Days & Mondays (Reprised)

It's a rainy Monday in NYC and part of what Karen Carpenter had to say about days like this (in her song "Rainy Days and Mondays") was this:
"... Hangin' around
Nothin' to do but frown
Rainy days and Mondays always get me down..."

I've had my days of feeling like Karen Carpenter but birds have helped me to not let things get me too far down.

And it happened today! I'm a bit down re reports from an eye surgeon, glitches with my web-site, lack of cooperation from Apple computer, an external drive dying, the slow progress my book, Words In Our Beak Volume One, is making, and of course missing Cam and Victor

But I saw a pigeon in my garden today making use of this rainy Monday! During the chilly, heavy downpours, he/she squatted down and raised one wing, and then the other, to let the torrents of rain wash under his/her wings!

I found the behavior quite interesting, so, I turned to Google to see what might be up with my avian visitor! And (as "they" say) God Bless The Internet!

Here's what I found re the lifting wing behavior of my pigeon visitor:
"Pigeons love to bathe, .... (they lay) on the ground with one wing up to catch the water drops. Sometimes they do the same sitting in the sun to catch all the sun they can or dry out from a bath."
I'm not saying that I'm inclined to go out in my garden and imitate the pigeon's wing-lifting behavior, but his/her resilience in unpleasant circumstances is a joy to behold! And a lesson to be learned!

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