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Thursday, February 18, 2016

#Cactus FlowerING

There has been an awful virus/cold going around, and I was bitten by it two weeks ago, and I am just now on the mend! During most of those two weeks, my symptoms caused me to remain homebound, but unfortunately I felt too ill to work on the sequel to Cam's book, "Words In Our Beak Volume One."

All I could do during those days was sleep, take hot showers/baths, sleep, go on Twitter, sleep, go on Twitter, sleep... In any event, since circumstances "forced" me to spend so much time on Twitter, I got up in a few topics that were trending. One such topic was #AddINGToAMovie, meaning change a given movie's title by adding "ing" to a word within that given movie's title.

The following were my "takes" on this "endeavor."

"The Graduate" became "The GraduatING" Steve Jobs's commencement speech.

"A Christmas Carol" became "A Christmas CarolING":

"Guess Whose Coming To Dinner?" became "GuessING Whose Coming To Dinner..."

"Bye Bye Birdie" became "Bye, Bye BirdING": A bluejay reacts to hearing his "supplier" may give up birding.

"Love Story" became "A LovING Story": Mourning doves mate for life. Info @
I used the following two pictures in the aforementioned tweet.

And there you have it dear reader, a "confession" of how I spent my time recuperating. I did come up with others, but for now they are in my queue. These include #Best In ShowING, #Driving MissING Daisy, #LeannING on Me, #Now VoyagING, #PanicING In Needle Park, #The Kite RunnING, #WaitING Until Dark, and #Cactus FlowerING 

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