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Monday, June 27, 2011

Hens and Chicks Give Thumbs Up to Chris of

Patricia Youngquist uses words and images to tell stories about her passions. Based in New York, she currently is authoring a series of nature books on birds of the city. Now in Apple’s iBooks store @

My herbs, vines, plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs which I grow in my urban terrace garden, always like to weigh in with their thoughts and opinions, on a variety of things, and in a variety of ways. At times, they have even taken it upon themselves to blog about their thoughts via postings that are on this blog including ones authored by my lovely and opinionated Physocarpus opulifolius (Coppertina), as well as my talkative Tulips which you can read by clicking here and here respectively. Even the first year that my Paeonia suffruiticosa (Tree Peony) flowered, as you may recall, dear reader, she was a bit coquettish in giving voice to her beauty through a blog posting. (You can refer to this by clicking here).

Additionally, the things that grow in my garden are not camera shy like yours truly is, in fact they often mug for the camera or jump at the chance to be featured in my garden themed movies which was the case with my Actinida kolomikta and Actimida (Kiwi Vines), which served as the narrator in my movie, (The Kiwi Vine Speaks Fifteen Minutes of Fame almost . . .). 

Having heard this communicative manner regarding the things that grow in my terrace garden, dear reader, it will probably come as no surprise to you, that my Hens and Chicks (some of the most exquisite members of the succulent family) have weighed in on a make–over that was recently made to my blog — details that you may have noticed when first reading this post. They have given it a thumbs up as evidenced in the photograph of them at the top of today’s blog entry, where they can be seen making the gesture, from the bowl where they are planted, a bowl that sits upon a marble table (serving as a centerpiece) which I have in my terrace garden.
My Hens and Chicks are oohing, aahing, woohooing, and thumb-upping at the make–over which the patient and talented Christopher Deatherage (whom as you may recall designed and redeveloped my web–site) has helped me to achieve with the look of my blog. The Hens and Chicks dig the colors and varying sizes of those drop caps; and they are giving them the thumbs–up as evidenced in this picture. The thumbs–up that my Hens and Chicks are making is their response to the changes in my blog’s appearance.

The idea of a drop–cap came from Adrian when I told him I wanted to break up some of my lengthier posts to make them “flow ’n scroll” more easily for my readers. Christina helped me to research the code for this, and I liked the effect so much that I spent three or four days going to every one of my posts and inserting the code. Unfortunately, I messed up a few of my posts in the process, and called upon Chris to assist me with rectifying this.

In our conversation, the concept of the varying size drop cap (as was giving the various drop–caps different ones of my “branding” colors) was born such as you see at the beginning of this sentence (as an example of what I mean), designed to be used in longer posts, such as ones made on June the 25th 2011, as well as June the 18th 2011 and most of the posts that have the “read more” option. Chris also came up with ways to provide some breathing room on the blog (by resizing a few elements). I like the result very much and could not have achieved it without Christopher Deatherage’s expertise, giving me cause to draw your attention to him, dear reader, should you have the need for the services Christopher offers. The following is taken from an endorsement which I wrote some time ago:
“It is one thing to have mastered the visual and technical aspects of web–design and to create related business materials as Christopher has certainly done, but it is quite another to be an attentive and intuitive listener. It is not always easy to articulate one’s vision of their own work, and Chris has a special gift for formulating ideas based on what people tell him without being imposing.”
You can read it in full and also see for yourself what Christopher offers by going to his web–site.

ADENMENDUM AS OF 9-24-16: The idea of a drop–cap worked well for a number of years, but alas, due to tech issues, I had to remove it from all my posts a few years ago. My inserting a drop-cap in all my posts, and ultimately removing it from all my posts, caused me to think of an Oscar Wilde quote, a quotation which I've written about on my cyber-venues. Here's the quote: "I spent all morning putting in a comma and all afternoon putting it back."

AND AS OF 9-24-16: Chris is in the process of helping me convert the book, "Words In Our Beak Volume One" that I wrote with Cam (a female cardinal) and published through Apple (iBooks) as well as KDP (Amazon),

into a softcover format, which will hopefully be available later this fall.

Btw, are you aware that this past spring Christopher Deatherage re-vamped the web-site that I referenced in this entry? I announced it on tumblr (as well as Facebook) at the time, but in case you missed those postings, you can view the updated web-site clicking here OR by clicking on the image in my left sidebar.

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