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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

HAPPY GUM DROP DAY: "Separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream"

Yes, you read the title to this post correctly, Happy Gumdrop Day. Today, February 15th, is National Gumdrop Day. One way to honor it is by having a soirée and serving champagne flavored gumdrops, such as the variety found at The Sweet Life (as seen in the photograph posted above), or make your own concoction by following a "traditional" gum-drop recipe and tweaking the ingredients to suit your taste buds. Another way is to just serve the "standard" gumdrop variety mixed with cashews and peanuts, as my grandfather used to do when he invited folks over to play cards, while the younger grandchildren amused themselves by going down Gumdrop Lane to find the lost king in Candy Land (the board game invented by Ms.Eleanor Abott in 1945 when she was recovering from polio).
A truly fun (and educational) thing to do on this mid-winter holiday is to throw a small party (especially if children are involved) and build models of molecules (using gumdrops) such as the one posted below:

You can find more information on how to build a number of these structures by clicking here

Another "excuse" to send someone a card — and preferably one designed by yours truly of course — and any selection found in the storefront pages of my web-site!

If you are followers of this blog, then you are a creative thinker and can surely put your own spin on this delightful day with what you choose to write inside; however, if you are feeling weary from winter, and therefore dry on having any inspiration, please listen to Sammy Davis's rendition of The Candyman Can (posted below) where he invites everyone with his words ". . .  Everybody Gather 'Round, The Candy Man Is Here, What Kind of Candy Do You Want? Sweet Choc'late, Choc'late Malted Candy GUM Drops . . . "  and you will be inspired to separate any sorrow and collect up all the cream.

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