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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ringing in 1-1-11: Bravo! Bravo!

 . . . And they're off!  Marathon runners in fantastic costumes, at the stroke of midnight in Central Park on 1-1-11, raced into the New Year as beautiful fireworks lit up the winter sky. Even the trees applauded (as seen above) the spectacular fireworks display. The magnificent show filled the sky with brilliant shapes and colors that were reflected in the windows of the luxury condos of the avenue, Central Park West. This phenomenal presentation lit up the sky and hearts of the spectators, who were bundled up in winter jackets and heavy boots as everyone braced together on a snow blanketed hill overlooking the start-line of the Midnight Run. Runners, spectators and trees exploded in joy, hope and anticipation of 1-1-11 to be a number one year. Once again, dear reader, I wish you many blessings in the New Year and I will be posting the 2011 blog schedule by the end of the week. Looking forward . . .P.S. If you didn't get a chance to see my "glitzy" year-end greeting, you may still view it if you click here.


  1. Patricia- You describe here the delightful experience Robert and I had for several years on New Year's Eve in the park, precisely at the spot where your photo was shot. We'd bring along a bottle of champagne with cups to share with strangers there. What fun it was. Now, without the West 71st Street apartment, and living across the river in NJ, we hop in our car and drive to cousin Margaret's in Matawan, NJ for a gala evening with good company and an array of home cooked foods and fine drink.-Liz

  2. I am very fortunate to have breakfast many mornings on my terrace, and peer down on Patricia's terrace, and see her tending to her plants with such loving care. It was months before I actually met her, though I think we were verdant soul mates long before. So obviously, I can't wait for warm weather, and the plants -- hers and mine -- coming to life. Jim

  3. Jim, I have only recently learned about the feature in blogger to respond to a comment within the confines of my blog, and am back pedaling through my blog to "officially" acknowledge you "on the air" — even though I did it via personal email when you posted this heartfelt comment. As I write this, I hear your dishes gently "clanking" from where you are probably having breakfast on your terrace. I am touched that you felt we "verdant soul mates long before" for I have admired you from afar for years.

    As for our mutual gardens, here is a "copy" of what I emailed you this morning, May 27th 2011, nearly six months since this posting! (My it has been a long winter, hasn't it?)

    "Hope you and yours have been well, James. It was a long winter, but now that spring is here, I am always glad to hear the sounds from your dishes as you and guests enjoy your garden, and I hope this season that you and Molly, will be able to come for a glass or two of Rosé, and see my garden. Meanwhile, I am still trying to get some more assignments and have added a new skill to my mix which is producing DVDS. I did a memorial one for a friend, and a wedding one for a client, but I thought you would be interested in my first garden movie which is now on Vimeo. Details about it are in a blog post which you can click here to read." (If link cannot be accessed please visit my posting dated May 20th, 2011 —  which was last Friday).

  4. Update by yours truly, as of today, August 16, 2011, I have had to come in and edit this entry. Prior to this time, the mini-mini-movie (re: "glitzy year-end greeting") in this blog entry was viewable via MobileMe, a service I purchased at the suggestion of Apple UWS, and one that is used by countless Apple members. Recently Steve Jobs announced that as of June 2012 there will be no more sharing with MobileMe as iCloud will be replacing it and nobody is sure of where things that have been posted will go, so to be "safe" I have moved projects to Vimeo.


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